Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Annual schoolday celebrations

The annual school day of my school provided a platform for us all to show of our talent in dance,music,and drama.schoolday1

Practise sessions started two weeks before, which gave us enough time to get familiarized with what we are about to do.Naturally as time passed by the surrounding enui of our daily class  schedule was lost!.It was fun and frolic!

Just before a week or two of the actual school day,students were asked to give out their names who would love to partiticipate in the "cultural fest" as i can call itchorus.I was a part of the chorus group from my second grade onwards,we used to sing patriotic songs in various languages everyday.I still remember most of the songs by heart coz our school's  management ensured that students participated in more numbers in these activities.

What i do remember is most of our school day celebrations took place  at the REC(regional engineering college) auditorium now National Institute of technology,it was a festive atmosphere on D-day!

For all the hardwork we made to ensure that everything was sucessfull we were awarded holidays which was something like an icing on the cake!