Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life as a Netizen

By the time i joined graduation,visiting the local internet cafe had become a habit for me,i wanted to grab as much knowledge as i could.Being a computer science graduate i was intrested in the technical know -how about various technologies which made everyday computing more fun and easy.

As my quest for knowledge grew,so did my intrest in reading and exploring emerging technologies in some key areas like microprocessors,linux,information security and operating systems.

It was during these initial days that i started to frequently participate in the compaq user forums seven years ago.At that  time known as the "compaq community" ,which was provided as a support link in my compaq desktop.Once i was there i had a chance to broaden my knowledge about computers and help other users out when i could.

The sudden rise of social networking sites made more number of people to interact with each other in their very own user- initiated communites within orkut , which were dedicated to a particular topic or product.

When i brought a new lenovo desktop 3 years ago,naturally i joined the lenovo community there as well and became a bit of a serious player,logging in many times a day and helping out as many people as i could.
Lenovo community in orkut
Lenovo community in orkut

Online collaboration could never  get easier than this!