Thursday, May 21, 2009

My memorable schooling days

School is the first place i would always cherish to remember!Not only has it provided the ways and means in which i can start learning but also provide an interactive and friendly environment with my teachers and faculty.Ifeel lucky to be an  alumini of TTHS(tiny tots high school).

My headmistress premalatha pradhan had a major role to play in  shaping my knowledge in terms of communication skills and extra curicular activities.Giving  equal importance to them along with studies helped me to cope with the ever changing world of ours.I would like to entirely show my gratitude towards her for providing a solid foundation to my career and studies.

It was a very different time in my schooling days when compared to the others!The faculty we had were more like family members rather than a just a teaching authority,and this kind of an environment was made by my headmistress.What happened as a result was that we were always happy to go  out to school and merrily enjoy it as much as we could!

[caption id="attachment_38" align="alignright" width="128" caption="school logo"]school logo[/caption]

My school logo has an inner meaning,That a child should always be smiling and happy when he comes to this temple of knowledge.The moto of my school also has a resounding message to its student "play up play up and play the game!" which meant that life is a game and we must always learn to take it as a sport and play it well!

more memories of my school to come very soon....