Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing my friends!

Its been two weeks since i was out of my native place.I sort of got adjusted to the new environment and new people with different mindsets,But i still cherish my college days where i could mingle with loads of  people.I have always been a fan of orkut and facebook,not only are they helping me to keep in touch with my family and friends but they also help me to share pictures,videos and scraps.


I am not able to have a constant touch with anyof them,but ocassionally ,I do get to know about their status and what they are up to through orkut.Our college community is buzzing with loads of posts after we left it 2 months ago.Thanks to the rise of social networking i feel like being next to my friends when i get scraps or pictures from them.When some of us went to pakal a beautiful tourist spot near to our college for a change,we were able to share with other people who are not familiar with the native place of mine,or are curious to know about some wonderful places here


.Orkut is helping me in many ways though-I can now share blogs  and join communities which i am fond of like the SuSE and some bollywood film communities.Its a nice place to share our thoughts and exchange our views!