Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally relief from the heavens!

After 4 months of Intense heat and Sunshine,the monsoon has finally kicked in with full force!.Just seeing the rain bearing clouds above is a rejuvenating factor for all of us.The immense heat waves have made  day to day work including travelling a big nightmare adding to the frequent power cuts due to water shortage in the Dams.

With borewells drying up and tap water on alternate days, we had to for the first time buy a tanker full of water for our needs!But hopefully this should improve by the month end.Expecting rainfall in the lots.I still remember making paper boats and playing in the water with my brother when we were kids,I hope that we could have such a good time again :) .


I joined my brother last time to try out rain water harvesting to rejuvenate my borwell,and sure enough it worked well and water began to fill in again.This time we are well prepared before hand,using simple ingenious method of collecting excess rainwater on the roof top and allowing it to pass through a pipe sent inside the borewell .The monsoon is below expectations this time,hugely deficit across the country.But i will enjoy the rainfall even if it means for a less amount of time!