Friday, December 18, 2009

The first movie which i saw thrice

I have always grown up watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies.Every  saturday after school i still remember rushing back to my home just in time to catch up with an Action based Hollywood movie in the afternoon and a Bollywood blockbuster in late night hours.But for the first time in my life i went to a movie in a theater for three times in a row that too not a Bollywood or Hollywood film but a regional movie which i generally avoid(Most of them have the same themes- love,college life and sentiments).

This movie i went to was all about a person who is  deeply attached to his best friend from his childhood. Unfortunately  both of the friends fall for a same girl.The person Arya who does not want to loose his friendship makes a number of sacrifices for his friend from his early childhood days

The dance steps performed by allu arjun are the best i have ever seen,songs are trendy- A mix of Indian and western hip hop.

Torn between the affection for his best friend and girl on whom he has a crush its an excellent movie to boot.I love it