Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brilliant Ads....A picture is worth a thousand words!

Was just going through my gmail account when I came across this mail sent by my sister.Some  of the pictures try to address various social and economical issues and myths in Modern India,while some are  initiatives taken by the Govt of India to eradicate uncanny myths about the girl child and the rampant female foeticide

With de- forestion  on the rise days may come when there will be no holy places to go and worship!

Never had horlicks with milk when I was a kid.Its more tasty when taken as it is ;).Even now sometimes I have it :D.As the famous quotation goes with the AD "nenu horlicks taganu tintanu" = I never drink horlicks, love it the way it is!

The CEO of pepsi earns more than the most famous bollywood stars! --> Girl power! - Govt of India Initiative

Isnt this Nice!

My favourites from the incredible India campaign done at Ogilvy and Mather

Need to refresh/reboot your mind? There is something for everyone in Yoga!

The symbol of Love -TajMahal  gleaming white