Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golden Oldies back in Colors

Its been a colorful start for the Telugu film Industry.After running for 175 days sucessfully all over and creating new records, the old mythological film Mayabazar is back after 54 years.This time the film has even made youngsters- who generally avoid watching these evergreen films to go to the Theaters.  

What is so special that a 54 year old film is making headlines these days?And how is it able to attract cinema lovers from the Gen-next age?This probably has got to do with the story itself.And the fact that it has been derived from the longest epics of history makes it an interesting watch.I used to watch some of these old movies with my mom in the weekends sometime.They were very different from the current generation Bollywood films.Every storyline had a social message and were patriotic due to the Independence movement at that time.

Mayabazar pours life into a 3000 year old epic saga the same time as that of the Trojan war.It has been a wonderful experience to watch such a beautiful black and white movie in colour again.Its a good chance for today's generation to see how the films were made in the olden days.

The digitally re-mastered print made by gold stone technologies by painstakingly colouring the 24reels  using 16 million pixel technology has made other oldies to follow suite.Hope all the great oldies make inroads into the hearts of today's youngsters.