Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another of my likes -The BBC world news countdown

Dont know why,but all of my schooldays and the present time,the only thing I mostly used to watch on the TV were various newchannels.Among all the channels of my choice be it Hindi,English or telugu I have always been appealed by the countdown sequence at the beginning of every BBC news broadcast.In the recent times the news tickerring and the program information in between shows with an excellent background scrore by david lowe was music to my ears and to most others who watch the BBC I guess.

The background score has become so famous that the BBC had started selling out collector CD editions to fans all around the world.Iam not going to purchase them of course :D.Here comes you tube to my help! I could download all the countdown sequences starting from 1992 to the very latest HD format made in 2008!

Ive tried to look for a similar kind of musical treat in some  other news channels but in vain.CNN does not seem to have such captivating musical scores in its news broadcast.In the late 80''s when television was a new thing in India,I was told by my grandmother that there were  broadcasts from the BBC in between local bollywood film intervals!

It so happened that everytime it was the hour for a news,the first thing I would look out was for the count down music.Here are some of the very old sequences right from the late 90's to 2008

Some other jingles which I love are part of the BBC internation news service.Not to mention the New HD broadcast and the 90 second worldservice countdown introduced in 2009

I was not able to view this favourite channel of mine for the past 4 years because the BBC was not longer free to air and the cable broadcasters do not want to waste their money for the licensing fees in small towns :( .All they put their cash in for are sme stupid Hindi soaps which I think everyone loaths excluding a few from the female community.Hope that il start watching it again sometime!Till then its only the free one min headlines on their website