Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beating the heat

Its been the hottest Indian summer this year.The temperature has been increasing on an annual basis from an average value in the pre-summer time to an all time high of 44 Celcius,even before May has started.This is Worrisome.Not only is this causing disruption of the day-to-day life but affecting the ground water level conditions very severely.In April 2008 the temperture in was around 39 celcius.In April 2009 it rose to 41 celcius,and now its increased even more.Goodness knows how its going to be all through May and June untill the Monsoon season arrives.

No amount of  refreshments in the form of Icecream,Sugar cane juice or other drinks are quenching the thirst.Not withstanding the heat,the sudden increase in the number of power cuts is only adding fuel to the fire!Sometimes I feel that this condition is a 2012 in the making ;

Butter milk and lemon juice given  everyday in the evening by my mom is giving some respite from the heat,but the powecuts arrrghhhhh I dnt want thosee!!There is nothing to do but wait when a power cut happens in the afternoon!Burning sun on one hand and no relief from the fans or aircoolers on the other.Water is heated for free till midnight(who needs heated water in the summer LOL!)

Last week after attending an interview in Hyderabad,I was returning back with a friend on his bike.We were passing through the famous hussain sagar lake when all of a sudden there was an outburst of rain.There was no place to take shelter.All we could do is take refuge on the backside of the huge statues installed all along the lake.We could not help but get drenched wantedly enjoying the sudden downpour from the heavens.It continued to rain and rain,we decided to get going along without bothering about the heavy downpour.It was a wonderful xperience!

[caption id="attachment_429" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Our Bike bearing the brunt of the sudden downpour "][/caption]

Though I was enjoying the brief wet weather,I was getting worried about my netbook,it was still not safe even in the hands of my beefy friend.Considering the increasing water reach to the back of the statues,a quick run to the bike and I took another shot of the picturesque lake!Looks like even buddha was enjoying the rain!

The rain was not going to stop any soon,we just came out and rushed into a coffee day outlet to have a cup of Capuchino.Yes the summer looks terrible this year but this is the right time to enjoy something cool and refreshing all along the season.