Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Ideas from a Bitty Box

Ive been using an S10 netbook from Lenovo for quite some time now.It has even managed to replace my favourite thing which I used to do while travelling -> Reading books!This new traveling companion has got plenty of smart features within the tiny casing.Every time I travel by trains across the state I had the habit of reading to keep myself  in some form of  avigation.

I found the netbook to be compact enough to use it during my train travels,One full length bollywood feature film to enjoy for a strech! :).Here are some of my first impressions of the netbook

Its small but cute

Most of the persons who had a look at the netbook found one attractive feaute to mention.The red coloured self design!Obviously red is a premium colour for netbooks but the self design adds more funkiness to the overall look and feel

The netbook has been packed in with all the features we expect from a full size notebook including Wifi/Bluetooth and an excellent sound system from Dolby.The function keys are a bit small for my fingers but the overall keyboard layout is quite satisfactory for basic tasks like office or surfing the web.The ten inch screen makes a perfect view for mobile entertainment.

Energy Management Features

The netbook has various combinations in terms of settings provided for persons who are more performance minded and people who tend to follow  energy conserving policies.The User interface of the energy management system is neat with a good layout of options and configuration settings.The system can be tweeked in two aspects in order to be more energy efficient.The display option consists of the usual system preferences we get within any standard configuration including hiberantion and display brightness options.

The other option named by "system" contains more advanced options to tweek the hardware to be more energy efficient or in a way,the user can control the consumption of the HDD and the CPU.Sweet!

The lifeline of this bitty box -One key recovery

Onekey recovery is a very critical feature incorporated into most Lenovo desktops.Not only does it provide safe options to recover your system,but also convenient ways of backing up the entire system or following selective backup stategies.The latest vesrion of OKR ver 7.0 also allows users to create a set of recovery cd's which was not available in the earlier versions.

The OKR system provided within the netbook has three main categories neatly displaying the three main functionalities.Backup,recovery and creating a product recovery disc.

The system backup feature can be used to make incremental backups to the system itself or an external storage source such as a USB HDD.The first time i made a backup of the whole system it took around 36 mins to image the 17gb system files.

The system recovery option allows us to enter into a preboot recovery environment allowing us to go through the various options available to recover the system for either a system crash or a virus outbreak.

Since the netbook does not come with a optical drive slot,an external drive is needed to make the product recovery media in order to install the deafult OS with its factory settings.

Audio and Video experience

Most of my friends who tinkered with the netbook were disbelieved to find the amazing sound clarity and range in which the audio power comes out.Due to the inbuilt Dolby technology the sound experience has crossed every one's imagination including mine!.Its feels nice to see a small thing sending out excellent acoustic outputs when ever I play a bunch of bollywood blockbusters!

The video experience has been if not more than satisfying for me as a movie buff.Initially I   thought that the 10 inch screen may not give a full cinematic  experience.I was proved wrong yet again! I then later came to know about Intel's clear video technology actively running in the background while i was watching my movies.Here is a screenshot of  what Intel's technology does.

[caption id="attachment_418" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Clear video technology made pride and prejudice a great watch!"][/caption]

Most of the features available withtin the S10 are comparable to other biggies available within the market.I just compared how this thing works along with a dell studio laptop and an X200.In terms of daily usage (net browsing and entertainment) surprise surprise! Good one for your basic needs!

[caption id="attachment_423" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The cute box sitting next to a Dell studio and an X200"][/caption]

Netbooks have brought a huge way of technology adaption around the world.Hope this brings in more connectivity and makes   knowledge sharing a breeze.... .Small is beautiful! Small is big!!!