Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Intel Atom developer Conference – Hyderabad

I was at the Intel Atom developer conference to have a look at the new MeeGo platform promoted by Intel,Nokia and The linux foundation.These are exciting times as we have seen companies bringing out various mobile based platforms.Google bringing out the chrome OS,Apple's iPhone and the PC giant Lenovo's own linux platform for its Hybrid notebook and ARM based smartphone.

It is very interesting to see too competitors like Nokia and Intel coming together to create a competent platform.I call it competent due to the fact that it is going to be maintained under the Linux foundation.

The session started at 10.00 am and continued till 4.00PM.while i could not sit through all of them,these are some of the points I grasped while at the conference.

Maemo is an opensource based platform developed by Nokia based on the Debian OS,the Linux kernel and the Gnome Project.While Intel came up with the Moblin project for mobile and touch based devices.From the total revenue share 70% will go to the developer without paying any upfront fees.Interestingly netbooks seem to be the initial target of the platform,mobile devices are next in the list Ive heard.

One of the best things about the MeeGo platform seems to be the reusablity of app components.Its a boon as it will be covering a larger spectrum of devices ranging from netbooks,smartphones to connected TVs!

[caption id="attachment_463" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The MeeGo Architecture"][/caption]

MeeGo offers the Qt application development environment, and builds on the capabilities of the Moblin core operating system and reference user experiences. Using Qt, developers can write once to create applications for a variety of devices and platforms, and market them through Nokia's Ovi Store and Intel AppUp Center.Now Qt being a holistic  platform combines with the mono framework  provides a native look for the apps.

Intel is also gearing up to provide these apps through its intel software network.To  provide a platform for debating about new Ideas,a portal has been created called Ideatup. People already following the fan page in facebook are giving out some Out of the box Ideas like Instant email without booting and Music tweeter.

How MeeGo will compete with the rest of the platforms out there in the days to come remains to be seen......