Sunday, May 30, 2010

Which Thinkpad are you?

Ive been using a Lenovo X200 tablet for the past 3 months and  must say it has been a satisfactory experience till date. A power packed machine into a 2.4lb box with an ultra low voltage Intel® Core™2 Duo processor SL9400 processor. What I mostly like about the Thinkpad is the weight factor.A friend of mine who was carrying it in a bag was surprised to find it so light when compared to his bulkier Dell studio laptop.The initial setup of the notebook consists of some basic tasks like enrolling the fingerprints,registering the computer and enabling an antivirus product.(Microsoft security essentials highly recommended here)

Some things were new to my eyes like the legendary track point from IBM or the finger print authentication system working in conjunction with the client security solution.The track point is so precise that you will never know that you would need a mouse!Trackpoint

Using windows vista business which came bundled with it was not a good experience in the beginning,but later on I found vista to be quite responsive(Would still prefer windows 7 here ;)  ) Vista or Windows 7 can indeed leverage on the security features incorporated within the box.Like the Trusted platform module 2.1 or the fingerprint encryption services(also works for securely logging into websites)

The battery backup is very good too considering the 5 hours of power cut I face during the summer season :) .On an average the 9 cell battery pack gives 7 hours and upto 8 hours in case of selecting the extended battery life option.The thinkvantage power manager which comes preloaded with the system provides various tweaking options in order to optimize battery performance and also to extend the life of the battery in the most needed times.

[caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Thinkvantage power manager"][/caption]

The Thinkpads also are environmental friendly when it comes to power consumption and the overall make of the system.When compared to the previous X61 series,the heat near the touch pad has been significantly been reduced due to the new adaptive thermal management system which automatically monitors CPU and and fan speed to provide a cooler and quite experience.With selected systems certified to be EPAT gold rated,the X200 gives it counterparts especially the apple notebooks a shoulder to shoulder in competition.The ULVP processor also makes a fine balance between performance and battery life.


The thinkvantage suite of software is a collection of useful apps provided by lenovo to increase the end user's experience and enchance the productivity levels.It contains some very useful and cool stuff like system rejuvination,system recovery,access connections and password manager.The thinkvantage suite also provides a failsafe recovery environment in the case of a system crash,helping the computer to restore to an earlier time.The most amazing thing Ive ever seen is a browser(Opera) in the recovery environment providing the critical support required to contact an online technician or tech support.

While using the tablet PC mode,I found that the notebook should work better provided it is running windows 7.Vista was a bit sluggish again in this regard,but I would give it some points considering the long battery life.Watch out apple! .Have you ever tried to sleep on a sofa and listen to the songs coming out while the system is the tablet mode?Its a bit of kindle with audio thrown in and you do get an ultraportable machine.This is how a tablet mode looks like while i listen to some bollywood jingles.

[caption id="attachment_511" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Windows media player running in tablet mode"][/caption]

The thinkPAD project

I was watching the news regarding the release of apple's new IPAD.Looked a bit expensive and certainly out of reach coz they are still not available in India.I got a weird Idea of trying to use my thinkpad as an IPAD  for my own satisfaction.It looks almost like an iPad people!.I installed ubuntu 10.04 and viola!there it was! a closest brother of the iPad!!

[caption id="attachment_507" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="thinkPAD!"][/caption]

As the promo goes on the lenovo site I think its  apt to say that there is more thinking in a thinkpad!!!