Saturday, May 8, 2010

You Know You Grew Up in India in the 90s When…

Incoming calls for mobiles were 12rs per min!When we used to boast about our NRI relatives living in america and we would always play akad bakad bambe bo.

This is what the community  says which i joined just 5 days ago....The name sounded a bit weird to me.Joined it out of curiosity.But after just 4 days,figured out just how many people were sharing their nostalgic moments they had in the 90's!Those ten years till the millenium arrived were the best of my life,I would cherish them always.That people who went through their childhood started joining the community made sense.53,000 in the last 4 days and counting....

The kids in the 90's had a very different childhood from today's  tinytots.We were not the kind of brats who would sit in front of the TV's or computers playing high-end games or tinker with the Xbox!Our childhood mostly revolved around outdoor games be it funny games like "chain cut","current shock" or more logical and brain teasing games like "brainveeta" or "The business game".All of these are no longer played anymore...

[caption id="attachment_478" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Brainvita!"][/caption]

During our summer holidays,I would always request my Dad to get a nintendo video game for rent,with a daily tarrif of 25Rs,not because we could afford it,but the reason being that my mom was worried that Il neglect my studies.So me and my twin brother used to wait and wait,for the exams to finish!And then it started first get the rental nintendo set and start playing em all!I still remember some of them!Contra,Roadracer,galaxy and who could forget super mario!

[caption id="attachment_469" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="the game where we prevailed over evil!"][/caption]

While I did have some fun time with the rented nintendo box.I was also very much inclined towards other programs which impressed me and made an effect on my TV viewing habits.In the early 90's satellite TV was still infant in India,the only channel to which I was a regular.Some programs revolved around the cultural diversity of India and some others included premiers of bollywood blockbusters.I still remember watching superstar amitab bachan's movies late till midnight in the weekends with my twin brother .Those were some of the "D" times for me!

As the 90's progressed so did the my penchant for other stuff like cartoons and some western soaps!(Indian soaps were still in the nascent stages due to the less satellite channels ).All through my childhood till the mid of 90's the only cartoons we would know about were the mickey and donald duck,the tom and jerry show.Cartoon network changed all that!There were so many zonores to choose from.Be it the power zone in the afternoons,Scooby doo in the evening or the Dexters lab!

[caption id="attachment_472" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="I miss the Lab!"][/caption]

Doordarshan,the state owned broadcasting channel was my only window to the world.Getting to know about it,and gaining knowledge.It was until discover channel and some others from the same stable which made me to make a switch.Doordarshan started to loose its loyal viewers.Opening up of the Indian skies to foreign airwaves brought a phenomenal change in the way people watch television. While the state run channel still continues to be in my sight for some reasons(especially rocket launches or election news),I think it need to re-invent itself to the likes of the modern day viewer.Since it was a state controlled channel,many programs would include shows and broadcasts which reflected a common Indian's life.(Atleast its not following the same genre of some stupid saas-bahu soaps which are now all over.Kudos to you doordarshan!Your good days will be back!there are 67000 members in Facebook discussing your past right now!

As the 90's came to and end and I entered my teenage,my taste started to change.From the funny looking dexter to the more serious and action packed spiderman,Gi-joe series and the powerzone.To some extent my fondness of fighter jets and planes,rockets must have started  with these shows -Gi-joe,swat cats and Ninja robots!It was not only fun to watch these but also made me to realize how good and bad prevail in this world and why it is important to be in the right track always.

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From Gi-joe to the knight rider,everything  was capturing my imagination!The concept where a Car is emotionally attached to its owner is really cool.This must be the only show where a car actually cries! A bit weird but it was great overall...Night rider yes we remember you!

Pop culture was brewing up(The Indian Pop culture more so).One of the all time hits in the 90's was the "Made in India" song.Its so famous that people still listen to as far as Uzbekistan in central asia

[caption id="attachment_477" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The best film which represented the 90's era"][/caption]

Then at the end of the decade came a plethora of satellite channels,the convergance of TV the PC and the internet.Cartoons were no longer of interest and I inclined more towards News channelsToday at 23,I still feel like going back in time,had it been repeated again-I would happily embrace my past once more!!

The information which describes the whole theme of the community is very interesting and fun.The whole description is given here