Friday, June 11, 2010

I Love Alias

Alias has been my all time favourite show.During my high school days I used to watch 'em on the weekends.Now there might be loads of other  shows doing the rounds or which got broadcasted 4 years ago but this one has got some charisma especially due to the fragile father-daughter relationship shown in all the seasons.Gennifer Garner does  an exceptional job of playing a spy.When I started reading the books of Sidney Sheldon and Jeffry archer with the theme of spy stories,I would think,god how come people just jump around counties in a jiffy and sneak up things they want to?.They make it look so simple! ;)

I don't know about others but among other things I like when two ladies are fighting yes sounds kind of weird! but they fight like mad.This used to happen in Alias too!Sidney bristow fighting with a number of Lady crooks including Anna Espinoza and Lauren reed.While Sidney and Anna meet in a number of episodes their fights were more of a compromise in the end.Do you think a ruthless killer would let her opponent to walk away every time? LOL looks like Sidney gets lucky every time or is it the other way around?Their fights are fun to watch muhahahaha

There are some geeky things to watch out for like the tech guy Marshall making state of the art equipment.Also not to mention the background scores.This one is my favorite of all the scores.Looks like  its a german album named Tanz Mit Laibach.

Jack Bristow as always looks like a stoic kinda person with no expressions on any ocassion.Music apart,the whole plot takes through various twists and turns in all the seasons.Interesting to watch was Sidney wearing some Indian costumes while she is on a mission in kashmir.Dont know how J.J Abraham zeroed in on Jennifer but looks like he has a perfect choice.Sidney looks exactly like a native person in all the costumes she has worn....from being a Russian commander to a  shy and down to earth Italian lady she fits them all!.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Jennifer Garner in an Indian outfit "][/caption]

Alias also has an ancient connection in its  story line bringing in the prophecies and innovations of Milo Rambaldi.The endgame of Ramboldi never happened which I expected it would.It was hard to get all the seasons at a go,had to collect them from friends.I got so interested in watching the episodes that I brought the whole set of Alias Novels which include plots from the pre-alias era...stories that happen before the first season.I watched the whole season twice but this time I get to watch the whole series on my netbook,while travelling and when i get bored.

I love alias....the story definitely has got something!