Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soluto – An Anti frustation software

Yesterday during  a regular chat over Facebook,a friend of mine pointed me to a Newyork times article.It was all about a nifty utility called Soluto,developed by a tel aviv based startup company.My first thoughts were not so responsive since I already use Tuneup utilities and ccleaner for maintaining my PC.When I was told that it can be used to tweak the boot time of a system.Never did I realize that it would not be so complex to use such as the Sysinternal tools.So I wondered "your going to improve the boot time eh?"

It is still in a beta stage but I wanted to try it on a Lenovo X200 tablet running Windows vista business.Now we all know how vista works snappily(Ahem!).Its  very small download (around 900KB) and you are done.When we first open the installer file it downloads the actual program(Around 7MB)

Note:You can click on the images to obtain a larger image.

After the installer downloads and installs the app,It asks for the user to reboot the machine

Now I was curious to see how soluto works.Is it a regular tuneup app?Or ill it deliver what it promises?Well It definitely does what it offers.Atleast for people using Windows XP and Vista.My friend tested it on his Lenovo R60 thinkpad notebook running Windows XP and was really satisfied on how it works.

Soluto works on  community generated data which has been collected  by analyzing the end users systems,and there by gathering information on what really should be necessary when a PC boots up and what is causing a resource hog during the bootup time.Called the PC genome,its a knowledge base of  data built through low level information such a device drivers causing a slow boot.This has been explained in the following screenshots

It checks and identifies by cross referencing with the already present data in is PC Genome Knowledge base.Once it has finished scanning the system for any relavant information it divides the info on what has to be done into 3 divisions

1)No brainer Apps: Apps which can be removed from the startup coz they will not cause a sideeffect anyway.These are mostly update programs and are safe to remove

2)Potentially removable apps:Apps which can be removed but only at your full consent that you know what you are doing.Mostly referring to advanced users.

3)Required apps:Apps which cannot be removed due to their critical importance during system boot(Mostly Windows and Microsoft Anti malware engine files)

What I really like about this program is the additional detail information it provides while we make our choices over which one to remove or not.This information comes out the PC genome community user's feedback such as which program has been mst useful than the others.This is really nice.In my case I tried if it would fetch additional information about Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery program. Fortunately it turned up with a suggestion in the advanced dialog box.

Soluto also provides a detailed graph showing the time stamps when a program has been delayed and there by  how much time we have saved as a whole.

This information really helps us to know about applications which can be paused/delayed during startup to increase bootimes.This works quite well and I hope all those vista users out there will find some solace(LOL).Thanks to my friend Andreas Gotthelf  for the pointer!