Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grappling with Analytics and SEO

The first time I heard this Jargon was during my Internship days at Ogilvy last year.While I tried to understand the underlining advantage of it at that time,it became clear by the end of my short stint that it matters the most when your are trying to understand about your site's audience and increase the sales as a result.My interest in the same did not stop until I wanted to see how it really works or is it worth something which I can learn.

To start tinkering with this concept I needed a website on which I could practice the various know hows I get to learn.I Could not buy my own domain so instead started to see if something can be learnt if I try the same with my own blog.
Unfortunately still does not support Java script snippets due to security issues,so I had to Google a bit to find an alternative one.All this was to just see how far of the blog was able to reach in the Blogosphere.

Along with Analytics, SEO has also been an area of interest only to learn it practically rather than optimizing it for the sake of Search Engine Queries.Last year I found a pretty good site which would provide me the type of audience who see my blog from various geographies.

The site has a clean looking Dashboard UI based on AJAX and presents the site statistics depending on our time frame selection

As time progressed more and more features were added to site some of them informative and some of them just useless.The traffic trend analysis report shows the cumulative number of hits for a time frame.Good one if you only want to see how well your blog reaches on the information superhighway.

Then there is also the data on number of unique visitors visiting the site.It also includes the number of times your site has been translated into a regional or local language according to the audience's choice .A good addition if the site is found to be interesting and as a result a translation is performed.

Some features though I found to be too lousy,why the heck would I ever want to know what kind of browsers of OS the audience are using? The numbers give what we already know in general,looks like more number of users are using Windows 7 followed by XP and 64bit Linux.

Would have loved to use Google analytics but WordPress has no support for that!!!I am still learning the very basics of SEO and perhaps when I am ready will buy a domain for a limited time and then start to test my knowledge once again.All of this is to learn something which I found to be amusing last year!