Monday, January 25, 2010

Community tech days @Microsoft IDC

I got a chance to attend the community techdays -An event conducted by MVP's and Microsoft at the India development center in Hyderabad.Day long sessions included participation of eminent speakers and MVP's from various Microsoft communities.

The whole day was divided into two parts.One for IT pros and the other for Developers.As  a newbie  to .NET technologies it was a good chance for me to learn about the latest offerings  in .NET along with SQL server . Since I love the area of operating systems the  Session for the IT  pros was what is was waiting for.

An In depth seminar on the Core changes made in windows 7 by VijayRaj (Evangelist) from Texas Instruments  was my favourite.Interaction with  Microsoft employees in between sessions and breaks gave us knowledge on what to expect from the future versions of Visual studio and Virtualization technologies.

The participation of various community managers and a few perons from Microsoft who were involved in the development of Windows 7 and IIS in some of the sessions made the event more lively and interactive.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar and an IMAX experience

Watching avatar was an experience no one should miss.The technical aspects with the amazing 3d effects has enthralled me..Watching the film was one thing,but enjoying it on the world's biggest screen in 3D was  awesome.

While watching the movie I got a feeing of being a part of the na'vi people.The use of Weta's FX technologies with Imax technologies makes it a perfect end product

The way in which James Cameron created the world of na'vi deserves accolades  from all movie buffs which it certainly seems to have gained all ready.A long time of 8 years to make a movie did not go in vain at last.