Monday, July 19, 2010

Check out DAY 820

Title: DAY 820

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny and interesting Ads

First the Top10 superbowl cmmericals for 2010.This link was shared by my friend Dinesh

This one is from Bingo chips with chili flavor.The whole Idea of the product  has been wonderfully executed

Parents can have stereotypic thoughts some times,this one a life insurance ad leverages on that!

Bollywood's superstar saif ali khan featuring in a Lenovo Ad

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monsoon sounds and chirpings

The monsoon rains this year have many surprises.Its been heavily raining for the past 36 hours as I write and farmers who are about to grow cotton may face flash floods(Last time it was drought and heat due to the failure of the monsoons) which made a hole to their pockets,this time its the rains.(The unexpected bursts coming down from the heavens)

There is the  plunk plunk plunk, heavy sometimes but with full of force.The Met department announces a tropical cyclone but alas not much as a hour of rainfall last week!Otherwise its been a heavy kinda monsoon.If you are living in places such as Bangalore or Bombay get ready for an unpredictable burst of rain!.

Unpredictability happened in my native place last week on the 4th.After 5.30 PM I saw a huge souffle of clouds  gathering over the area on my birthday.I was planning for a house party with some few friends left here including my juniors from the college.A cold wind was making its move and the situation in the sky sounded as if Dementors were flying over the area

The weather was turning murkier as time passed by.I was still wondering if there  would be that small and cosy Birthday bash.It always happens during my Birthday dunno why!do clouds love me Is that the reason they all are over my home?Or do they hate me and they want to spoil my evening?!I will never know,mom always says that my Birthday is jinxed and thats the reason it rains heavily where ever I go on that day.It happens most of the times during shopping too.Who knows it might be for real!

Day transcended to night before I could see the twilight in the horizon.The dark clouds above  always ignite  some stupid speculations in my brain.Will there be a power cut?Will there be a Low voltage?Or will I have to face something which I fear?I wont tell what I am fearful of for it can bring laughter to most of you!There were more clouds by 6.00 and it certainly looked like they were ready for an attack!

The evening was melancholy.There was no birthday bash!Reason?POWER CUT POWER CUT! All I could do was sit and watch my favorite show Alias(Not the first time!).The rain started pouring in pitter-patter.By early next day in the morning it was raining heavily.It was not pouring  at all till midnight the day before.(Even though there were heavy clouds)

The first thing I did was to start harvesting the rain water for a dried bore well in my home which was more than 100feet in depth. Rejuvenating  the almost dry bore well was the top priority given the scarcity of water we face after every summer.Once upon a time Warangal was a pleasant place to live,there were no water problems as the ground water was aplenty.These days there are more number of apartments and building coming up-exhausting the water table.

I followed a simple methodology.First I took a 2liters ka 7UP bottle,made it into half and put the one with the neck in the drain fixed to a pipe.

The other end of the pipe was put into the an empty borewell beside the regular one which we use.It was just a blind calculation of mine that water will rejuvenating   soon enough.But it did not happen for another 2 weeks.Yesterday I noticed there was enough water to be pumped into the overhead tank.Looks like this technique is working very well!

Unexpected Guests :

For the past 10 days or so due to the heavy rains 2 guests have been doing the rounds inside the home for fulfilling their own agenda!At first I thought,God these poor things must have come inside by mistake due to the heavy rains!But nooo they have come here after actively surveying for home for 8 days!yes 8 days!My mom told me that the tiny sparrows have been our guests inside for the past 8 days!

The two sparrows resting  on the fan

The   birdies started flying in from the back door of the house,into the hall and back outside again in a jiffy.So this is what they have been doing for the past 8 days... surveillance!. I wondered how merrily they were enjoying their new abode right under my dog's nose!Then yesterday they came back again in the afternoon and they did the expected action.Trying to build a nest they were those puny birdies inside my home!!!

The other one as you can see below decided to "check-in" into the upper part of another fan!

[caption id="attachment_669" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="You can see the bird but only as a spec."][/caption]

They started bringing in the materials even if it was raining.Looks like our house is a safe heaven for them.The two of them became immune to the barks of my dog and are  flying in everyday in the afternoons.I am not going to sit and watch what happens,I was just observing how other beings create an alternate source of  protection when their own one is endangered(Due to the monsoons)