Thursday, January 20, 2011

Those were the days....

Sometimes I feel my childhood and college memories are very intriguing as it would be in any one's case. Why would we would think about them only when we are in trouble? Wouldn’t it be nice if ended the circle of life as a child once again? Partly as in the case of Bejamin Button (Impossible it is, but thinking of our childhood days at times brings some solace to our minds)
Some of those memories which I remember till now and some as told by my mother in a blur…

When I used to pour down the whole lot of milk into the plants in my home (Waaah never knew I did that!)
Sitting under the dining table and chitchatting with my twin brother
Taking turns to ride the tricycle and sometimes fight for it

Staying awake through the night while travelling to Banaglore by train, and sky gazing
Getting those Nintendo video games for a rent of 50 Rs a day and playing them till we got exhausted
Going to my friend’s place near by and playing cricket in the weekends and holidays
Reading Tinkle comics and holiday special magazines which my father used to bring during every summer
Getting up early then my brother so that I could finish off reading the paper before him
Watching The Night Rider on Doordarshan every week without fail
Sneaking up the terrace to eat that ever tasty Horlicks without the knowledge of my mother
Learning BASIC and LOGO during morning hours and playing Arkanoid and Mario during the lunch breaks in the school
Reading Harrypotter books for 32 hours at a streach without giving a break to complete them
Staying all night to learn how restore cd’s actually work on my Compaq PC

Visiting the Pakal Lake near my college during my bachelors and enjoying the nature

Gobbling everything about technology from the computer magazines at the college library
Sitting with my best friend Rajkumar and observing on how he used to write complex algorithms and C++ code on my Compaq system every Saturday
With my Best Friend Rajkumar...

And finally starting a project of penning my school memories with some collaboration from my school friends!

Many more which I vaguely remember,It feels good to cherish about what could remember…..If almighty would give me a chance I want back those days!!!