Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thinkpad Active Protection System - Train Test

Two days ago,I was returning to my native place along with my friend.I got into the Intercity Express,the usual train which I take every week to come back home during my week off's. Some time into the journey I was showing  pictures and videos  of my travels to my friend. As the train left Hyderabad it picked up speed and was travelling at an excess of 100 kmph.The train was swaying from side to side(A common sight in the Indian railways during high speed)

And then I saw the APS jump into action,never seen that before because this was also the first time I used it outside.The travel video's which we were watching were getting freezed(The APS was doing its job!)My friend who did not know what this was all about was curious to know the reason,and then I though why not see how the sensors work in such a scenario? This was indeed exciting to me

The moment of the APS display synchronized exactly with the trains moments.......Super cool technology...