Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's summer time again....

February has come and gone and I can already feel the surge in temperature.This year's winter had record setting temperature of 6 Celsius in Hyderabad,certainly not common.While waking up in the early morning to rush to the office by 7.30 was a big deal in Winter,the present situation has changed all that.

Apart from the office hours where I am spared from the rising heat, it's mostly sultry.Earlier when I used to have my week offs from Tuesday to Thursday I had the habit of  taking the 7.40 train in the morning to get back home.Sunrise comes early now and so does the heat.By the time I reach my home I am either exhausted due to the weather or  would probably just go and take a short nap.All this due to the excess usage of body fluids in the form of sweat.

This transition of seasons also brings in minor body pains and running fever.While this would be quite natural in a tropical climate like India, my sinuosities problem adds more fuel to the issue.It was  on monday when I suddenly started shivering in the afternoon while at the office.An AC vent right above me must have been the reason I thought. But it was the symptom of the impending  fever and cold which I had to face and am still suffering from.Suffering from cold in the winter would be common to any one, but this type of flu in the summer season is a  nightmare. It will not leave  your nasal cavity so soon and you must be  patient  for it to go off completely.I am waiting for when that will happen!

My mother always used to warn me about the onset of this summer flu,I would not listen to her.Now I know how it affects me.The installation of a new Air conditioning unit in the home is a relief,but I wonder if it can really handle the extreme temperatures during mid May  when the afternoons burn at 48 to 49 C.Having said that,summer is the only time when people would relish  all things fluid. There is  the road side sugar cane juice, Lemon juice,plenty of Ice creams and not to mention, taking a late night shower to sooth the body

I am now taking the first train out of Hyderabad at 5.30 in the morning to avoid the side effects of the heat. While I come home I have noticed that my pam which used to be very active all the time is a bit dull and shows no interest while I am at the gate. Perhaps she too is feeling the pinch.The green paddy fields which used to flash by during my train journeys   during the monsoon and the winter are no longer there... the country side seems to be lull ,and all I can see is a Mirage covering large areas of the land.... While we can protect over selves from  Mother nature to a certain extent, at some point of time we have to take a beating from the heat....There is no real escape.... But there are preventions

Drink loads of water, have salted  buttermilk and lemon juice at frequent intervals and small pieces of onion in the pockets  to keep sun strokes at bay,eat icecreams and enjoy the season because it's summer time again!