Thursday, June 9, 2011

Revving up the Ideapad and how

Its been a while since I've had the opportunity to use a Ideapad from Lenovo.I never used it to the fullest of  it's potential,untill now that is.I got inclined towards playing high-end games somehow and since than have been trying to push this baby to the limits literally. The GPU it has got entices me to do so. While I am no gaming freak,some of my friends who are very good at gaming asked me to take the notebook for a spin.Their frequent suggestions about the same  ended me in buying  some. Some of them which  I find truly intriguing  when I play. These might not be "new" to many people who are avid gamers,for me it has been rather a new experience ever since I used to play with the rented Nintendo games during summer holidays,which my father used to get for a 1$ a day, 13 years ago.

Untill now Ive been trying to tinker with 3 games which my friend Hemanth recommended. All of them seemed to be resource intensive and highly octane in Nature.

The first one is called "Blur" from Activision technologies. And true to its naming ,it really means on how it's called. While I've never been good at strategy based Shooting games like  counter strike and the lot, Racing has been my might from the beginning. While the size of the installation code seems to have increased over the years from a single cd to 7GB ,the length of the game play seems to have increased too.  More places,more cars( Licensed cars from various manufacturers).

This game reminds me of the Hollywood movie Death Race . While there seems to be no blood and gore like in the film, the whole concept in essence looks alike.

As in the film where, the protagonist takes on a "one on one " with the last remaining racer, this game also has something  similar to the film. In order to play the one to one level,we have to satisfy some of  his choices and demands.Only then are we allowed to take him  neck to  neck :) . Its fun to have a single player in the fray where the opponent tries to play hide and seek with you and vice versa while you try to shield and protect yourself from him and try to blast his car into smithereens!

The second one worth mentioning is "Dirt 3" from Codemasters. This one is in a totally different league. A typical rallying game,they too seem to have brought licensed versions of cars and teams into it. While it is not so fast  paced as Blur, it incorporates a charisma of  what a  rallying championship is all about. Indeed,after playing the game for a couple of hours, It was a nostalgic experience pl with the Subaru car. I still remember the famous "333" number associated with the team when I used to watch the cross-country championships during my school days.

Car controls are drifty in the game,perhaps this has been intentional from the designers.I have just  started playing it.Looks like it needs a windows live id to login before the game can save  my progress.(This sucks! the updates which it shows never download properly and the live id is not downloading my profile).Goodness knows when this will get resolved! The game changes its arena to tracks around the world.From the icy regions of Norway,the deserts of Kenya and the rocky terrains of the United States. It was quite a challenge initially but I did manage to finish a the top by the end of the day... yay!

The last one is "Prototype" I have been told that this had been one the popular games at large. As mentioned earlier I am never good at strategy  based shooting games.But my friend Hemanth convinced me to give it a try considering the powerful  GPU  the notebook comes with.Another experience here again as we can act on our will and become shape lifters after consuming people on Times Square. This one looks like a promising game and perhaps in the long-term I may get hooked to it since it's a very lengthy game.

I may get to learn more about gaming from Hemanth as time progresses,for he is one of the most accomplished at games I have ever met!