Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ideapad Yoga -- Thoughts and Observations

Last week,  I had the opportunity to take part in a Lenovo hangout session which provided some insight into all things Ideapad Yoga with Windows 8 thrown in. It was an interesting conversation which included some other Lenovo advocates like my self and a couple of Lenovo employees.

During the half an hour session we had,I got a glimpse of  how versatile the yoga was in terms of usage and aesthetics.During a brief Q &A session in the ending,I had the opportunity to ask the reason behind Lenovo naming it as Yoga for which I did not get a satisfactory answer. So I decided to make my bit of research. While it seems to be an apt name for a product which bends in a 360 degree way, I wanted to know that specific elements in  yoga as we know it which would have inspired the designers to go for greater lengths and design such a machine. While I do have a basic idea of all the yoga postures, it would take some time on my part to find out the exact/matching poses with respect to the 4 different modes which Lenovo describes. This has  done for the sake of my personal satisfaction.

The first mode is called as a tent mode.It  is quite   similar to the Adho Mukha Asan . Now Lenovo says that the hinges are patented and can be used for several times. It looks like this mode would act more like a kick stand   which is present on the Microsoft surface. This mode might have more stability while using since both the sides are equal in measurement.

Find something similar in the above two photos? 

The second mode which the Yoga boasts of is the Stand mode. This mode might be more useful while you are resting on your couch and would like to watch your movie collection or have a Skype session with your near and dear ones. Again I found another pose  called Bhunjangasana which has striking similarities to the stand mode

Like all the convertibles, the notebook mode would be the default mode of the Ideapad Yoga. For fun sake I would compare this to another yoga asan called  Padmasan

The last one is a tablet mode for which I could not find a suitable Yoga pose.There might be one of which I am not aware of.Perhaps I would find about it sooner rather than later :) .Which Yoga mode are you?