Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Psoriasis and beyond

When a person is  passing through one of those times when  pressures of  career growth and lack of stable health converge as a problem upon you - it might result in something which you would never have expected before. I faced the same issue in the last week of October after loosing my job when   Psoriasis was at an aggravating stage.

 The world we live in is sometimes so full of mysteries I might say because, you would least expect to suffer from something which has been wrongly diagnosed twice and only when you really face  the outcome of it  is when you go for an alternative opinion. I was devastated when a doctor in Hyderabad confirmed my worst fears of having Psoriasis. This was more of having a social stigma then a health condition because, you cannot hide it unless your mental condition is stabilized. It will  start effecting your scalp and other parts of the body with reddish lesions which are nothing but extra cells that have come out of the inner dermis layers.

Although I was taking tropical treatment and was trying to keep it in check as much as  I could, rapid changes in my career around 4 months back have catalysed the condition and I decided enough was enough. I was told that Psoriasis also causes mental depression and it wouldn't have come at the wrong time . However, during my recent trip to Bangalore, my perspective of the condition has changed a lot and here is what I learned

One of my aunt is a professor of Biochemistry at a dental college. She is like a motherly figure to me  and it was she who told me that there were many reasons due to which the condition would occur and that could include hereditary ones.  Her son(My cousin) was facing the same issue and so was my mother's uncle. She explained that somewhere down the line we all were sharing the common genes which lead to have this condition an there was nothing to worry about it. She also suggested that I hit the gym as early as possible because regular exercise leads to the creation of  Endorphins which control your mental state and mitigate your depression levels. I believed her and joined in a nearby gym for a cardio program(to reduce my body weight) and it had resulted in wonders. 15 days after regular cardio, the feel  the change already and have also been able to control my heighted level of excitement over time.

I realised this last week when my Sony phone fell from my pocket onto the road and a vehicle went over it. I wasn't thinking of the worst case scenario this time as I believe that something magical(or scientific) process was going on in my brain and that was the increased state of sanity! .So yes I finally got my level of sanity after regular exercise and also by infusing a bit of spirituality within me!

So there you are folks, do not worry if you have psoriasis, it might not have a cure in sight but you can certainly control it using various methods. Be calm, stay positive, do the hard work you have to do and trust in god.