Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Passing of Mom

The Angel of my Life, my mother passed away on July 3rd. This was a day which I never expected would happen. She was a very strong woman and was battling cancer since last year. Things seemed to be encouraging as she was able to cope up with the Chemo and the Radio sessions since September 2016.

She actually felt a tumour and figured out it must be something serious. The biopsy confirmed it as breast cancer. She was operated within a week, and the tumour removed. It had already spread to the lymph nodes by then. Initially,  she had the same apprehension and a bit of depression about what had come upon her at her age of 68 - but her determination allowed her to go through all of the treatments. I did not get a chance to visit her since my last visit to India in 2015.

But with the level of self-confidence she had, I had her assurance that she was doing well. Meanwhile, I think God had other plans for her. A sudden brain haemorrhage at multiple locations did not give her a chance to revive - With only the heart functioning, the only option for her was to be put on ventilator support.

When I visited her in the ICU, I could not see her in that state with all the pipes going down her throat. She must have been suffering even then at that point internally due to the setup. I did not want to see her in that state and was the first to take a decision about removing her life support system. My siblings agreed to the same on the next day after taking second opinions. The doctors also could not notice any response to the medication.

The last 40 days have been a blur, I still cannot believe what has happened. May be, I'll miss her presence once I go back to the US