Friday, March 26, 2010

Check out DAY 703(i)

Title: DAY 703(i)

Way to go Mr bachan! We are with you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exploring Bangalore City

Bangalore has been like my second home since the past one year.While I used to visit the city for interviews and walkins,I had no time to explore the city which is now famously known as the Garden city,The silicon valley and the City of lakes(262 in number to be exact).With my cousins wedding around the weekend,I decided to explore the city a bit-given the fact that its famous for its gardens all over the metropolis.

The first thing while entering the city,I captured some moments of the journey on my phone.A snap here and a snap there some instances which captivated me

Just put my hand outside the moving train to take this snap from my mobile.Looks cool isnt it?Also see how the sun rises in the distance.It was 6.00 AM in the morning when i reached bangalore.

Being an outsider meant to take a tourism package from karantaka state tourism for a ride around the city in half days time(There s a full day city package as well).My mother and twin brother joined me in the city's exploration ride.What we did not expect was the soaring temperatures which is mostly uncommon here.I then realised that Bangalore was choking.

The development and demand in the IT sector had shadowed the infrastructural facilities --The reason was obvious,People who work in the big tech parks all around bangalore earn more money,buy more automobiles and donnot care to use the good public transport system.

The half day bangalore city tour

Went to badami house,the toursim center run by the karnataka govt around 2 pm in the afternoon.Had to take tickets for the afternoon tour as the morning one was sold out mostly to foreign tourists.Tour starts around 2.20 in a Non-AC coach.Had to bear the tempratures...what the heck!!! Less number of persons in the tour  meant change of plans in the last moment(We had booked for the AC coach).After we were refunded with some of the money we were told to board the bus.

I cursed myself.Never in my life had I faced such heat in this garden city.

Just thought for a while- Had texas instruments not come to bangalore 25 years ago and recommend others to set up  shop here,things could have been quite different! LOL.

The bus started and went through the town hall.Magnificent Building it was!A center for cultural activities it had indeed lived up to the cities expectations and image.

We faced the traffic woes all along the way.More cars,less number of lanes and more heat getting added to this beautiful garden city.The next stops included the  Vidhan soudha(House of commons)and the Vidhan parishad(The secretariat).Though vidan soudha was quite and old building its still one of the best places for the post cards!.The secretariat was no less when compared to the house of commons.More bigger and majestic both of them were stealing the eyes of people going through them-Even though the roads also houses The High court complex.

With hundreds of constituencies from which the elected leaders represent their people,this temple of democracy has indeed stolen my heart.Democracies are and will be the torch bearers in the 21st century be it the United states or India(The oldest and the Largest in the world).

I am fond of certain things Trains,Rockets,Fighter jets.Never missed a rocket launch from my childhood when India sends a satellite or a soyuz launch from russia,A shuttle launch from the United states.Could only take some snaps with models of Various Indian rockets and a special section for NASA.

There was a huge fighter jet outside the museum  building.Perhaps a de-commisioned one.I went near it with glee started examing it with anxiety and took some snaps there as well

Yes i am fond of fighter jets!Seen loads of them on the TV while in my school particularly in the program called boys toys and Modern marvels,Both of them still  broacasting on the History channel.With an airforce base near by and a buying spree by the Indian airforce.I could make out the F16s the F18 hornets and the Mirage jets thundering over the city with their big sonic booms for atleast two weeks.

There were some big boys too making the rounds in the sky,The Russian Ilyushin Aircraft followed by two Mirage fighter jets.Could not take a snap of them since they were too fast for me ;) .You wont get to see so many jets all the time ;)

The last of our half day tour ended with a visit to lalbagh.Asia's largest rose gardens and one of the worlds largest botanical gardens.Thousands of sherbs and a varied variety of rose plants to look at!.Certainly bangalore is THE garden city of India.

Another un-expected tour

I was scheduled to leave bangalore in two days time.Was feeling bad for not been able to stay here for long.An un-expected call from my friends made us to make a quick decision.Tour all the Tech parks and the IT economic zones of the city.We took a Day pass and started to stare outside as the bus passed through the many gleaming buildings around the city.Though we could still not make into of them we had hope that some day we would be working in that world of glass and concrete!

One thing is for sure....Bangalore is Choking.....