Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waiting for the downpour

They clouds are playing hide and seek for the past couple of  days,the monsoons were supposed to hit the shore last week but something is causing them to move back.For the past two days I've seen dark could hovering over the heavens both in my hometown and in Hyderabad. Hopefully things will be better once the monsoon picks up its pace this week.It was supposed to be day of heavy downpour yesterday here in my native place,but nothing has happened as of now.

One of the hotest days in summer

All this anticipation is due to the scorching summer temperatures which I've never seen before. I never imagined having to face 43 C of heat at 7 in the evening. Imagine that! . While I could escape the heat during  my office hours for 4 days a week, the other 3 days had to spent in the confines of  my bedroom in my home, since that was the only place we had an AC unit  running. And boy it was running for almost the entire day! . Nothing could prepare us for the worst temperatures and  I agree with my mom to a certain extent to have brought the AC unit for a good bargain during last year.

rain clouds over Hyderabad - A promising sign

There were stark differences in the way which I faced the wrath of the summer this year - or I did  observed the changes for the first time between the two places where I shuttle now.while my hometown Warangal has always been known to have some of the highest temperatures in India,things would not even get better until 12 in the midnight.One day I checked the current temperature at 10.45 and found that it was hovering around 39 C! That for me was un-imaginable since things in Hyderabad was very different. I don't know how things work out but the evenings would become cool. This was an unusual phenomenon for me. My mom says that since Hyderabad is situated at the higher altitude there were chances for it to cool down much cooler.

For now things seem to be building up,I am eagerly waiting for the monsoons to start,A trip to Bangalore is also on the cards since this would be the best time to visit that place.There will be un-expected burst of rain in Bangalore but that is when the monsoon fun begins!