Friday, March 29, 2013

Food for thought -- Would a quick bite bring you that much needed stimulus?

So I realized this when I went to Mc Donald's last week with my roomie . It was not about going only to Mc D's for a quick-lunch but there was something happening to me before I even had the thought. As life is not a bed of roses and it gives you lemons when you don't even expect -- My mind was blurry for a while and I had to resort to a lot of things to sense  the physical world around me . These kind of things happen sometime in life and are very good lessons for us.

And back to where I started .. I don't know if some form of depression was the catalyst behind me craving for something spicy or was it my brain which was signalling me to do it? The human brain is so amazing that you get many mixed thoughts out of know where - sometimes getting derived thoughts from various experiences or incidents we faced. Long time ago I was at a local Mc D's restaurant in Abid's when my friend suggested I try an item called piri pir . So piri piri is basically a spicy power which as can  used along with the french fries to get that tingling taste. But I think the magic lies in the small packet.

If you haven't tried this stuff see how it works on your taste buds.I think the spices in the piri piri acted as as a relaxant of sorts on my mind by making me sane when I was not responding properly to the world around me for sometime. It might not only be this thing..... It might be anything whether 10rs worth of pani puri or just horlicks.Yes Horlicks! I love it to bits and you will know what I mean if you ever had it . Another thing which I found since I started working was about home-made food.3 days a week I make it a point to come back to my home town to relish my Mother's dishes -- much to the envy of my brother who is the US.Being pampered at home makes you a spoilt brat perhaps but it still brings the inner peace you would like to have. So you ain't feeling well and want to have some inner peace go eat something which will rejuvenate your senses .Even if it is extreme in terms of taste. It might help.If life is giving you lemons fret not Eat Pray Sleep!!