Monday, July 28, 2014

Asphalt 8 on Lenovo Horizon -- A Super thrilling experience

Yea Yea I know that  playing Asphalt 8 would be like peanuts to hardcore gamers  out there. But,for me, someone who is not into full time gaming, its a bliss. I've always has some casual gaming in the past. Like Dirt3 or Prototype, or touch based games on my Lenovo Horizon. But what made me to start playing Asphalt? Well, for starters I haven't played a game since I gave away my Ideapad Y560 which I had. So when I got the horizon in this year, I had wanted to push this baby to its limits and what other better game than the free Asphalt which is available on the windows store? 

And I'll tell you one thing. You might feel good while you play this game on a regular laptop,but wait until you see this run on the Horizon. It is an  amazing  spectacle to watch. Have one of the surround sound speakers with ya? Then you are good to go! The best experience comes out when you have the complete package. I had brought a creative set during my student years and I still use it some times. So for playing this game, I thought it would be great if I could use the dusty old speakers.

What makes me like this game you ask? Many -  the first one is playing on the horizon itself. The second is the variety of racing options it provides Playing offline/online and tournaments which are conducted at frequent intervals. I've used Microsoft's Live Gaming network in the past to play Dirt3 . This time though, having a faster internet connection meant, I could continue playing multi-player games with players popping in around the world. There are also, I observe a number of locales where the races take place - From London to China and from the Ariana Launch center in French Guinea to deserts of Nevada.And new localities keep coming up! 

I also found that, apart from the regular racing schedules, there are other racing activities which one can indulge in. The first one called " infection". This one is quite funny because which ever car is in the last is automatically infected with a virus.Then starts the high speed octane race -where infected cars turn out to be more powerful in terms of agility and speed. They do however, overload during the course of the race and get back to the original state .Infection might be an easy way of getting a fast paced car,which I would definitely not prefer. Slow or last, regular racing is what I like the most. 

Lastly, the most fun part of the game are these knockout matches between two opponents, where we get an opportunity to just go around the track while hitting other's cars. They seem to act like moving targets but it's quite easy to hit 'em hard once you get used to the track and the game itself. The more you hit the merrier and you win in the end. Isn't this great? having destruction in the race also helps us at times :). 

I also, for the first time took a video of the experience. It's not so professional looking - that's the reason we call them home made video's don't we? . End of the day, I am happy to have played this game on an awesome machine like the Lenovo Horizon!