Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crossing Major Milestones on the Information SuperHighway

Its been more than 11 years since Ive been using the Internet.I just completed my school and was entering my 11th grade,it was the very same time that my sister was provided with the first PC in our family.A compaq presario.As I shared in my earlier blogposts,I was more enthusiastic at times than my sister to learn all the fundas of a PC and I did learn them very well by trial and error methods.An internet connection was still a distant dream even when the rest of the world was already racing ahead. Subsidized and cheap connections were not available ,and the only dialup connections from some private players were too costly to fit the bill.

We got  a plethora of cd's with the compaq pc, one of which was a Dialup connection software from a private ISP.That was the very first time I was looking at an ISP package,or rather an Internet connection kit.I never putup a dialup before,that ISP had no service in my town unless I connected to it using an external dial in number.But I did tinker with the ISP kit,enabling the internet connection without the knowledge of my parents(Especially my mother!.Parents were still stereotypic in thinking that the internet was a bad place to fumble upon unlpleasant things at that age :) ).What I never knew was that we would  be charged in terms of telephonic calls rather than the number of hours we used the line...the result :- Even the telephone department was  surprised as to how we were making so many calls everyday :D.

We got a huge bill that month,I could only imagine what a  silly thing  I had done by using that ISP.There ended the matter of using an internet connection in my home! For the next 4 years a weekly visit to the nearest Internet cafe became my habit.I was so regular that the owner was generous enough to let me use his system for free at times when I had to chat on yahoo.. dunno how much I spent but my mother who had become conspicuous about my fondness towards the internet ultimately decided to apply for a broadband connection at home.Thank goodness the rates had fallen drastically by that time!Suddenly the internet  was available to at a reasonable price.Dialup connections were a thing of the past and I started to utilise it by learning about the tech world in particular be it he PC,mobile or the cloud itself.

Two years ago,I stumbled upon something during my random Internet searches.I screwed  my Lenovo desktop and wanted a quick solution for the same.A Google search landed me on the Lenovo community and since then I have never looked back.I say this because this has been one of the worthiest things I have ever done through the internet.Reaching out to my fellow users regardless of  the boundaries helping them with their tech problems.

All long the way I made new friends from various timezones across the world,learned about various cultures,ethics and beliefs.The so called "Digital divide" had been bridged! at least in my case.During the last two years of my bachelors I was hooked on to the internet,it was around 3 in the morning one day when I was still awake sitting before my PC.I had become a nocturnal person by then...All of a sudden my mother was at my side looking curiously at the screen on what I was doing at that early time.Among other things customer collaboration was one of my regular activity. I did not hesitate to explain what the forums were all about and how I was simply not wasting my time but was trying to do my bit of help.Pat came the response to which I was pleasantly surprised!.She was happy to see me helping out others... This was my first recognition of using the internet in a positive way from my mother and as a result my first major milestone

Blogging has been another case which I truly believe has brought maturity about my perception towards the Internet.During an interaction with the forum's senior member I realized that Blogs were indeed a platform to let the world to know about you,whatever you felt was good enough to share.Blogs also meant that I could express myself to the more broader audience of the Blogosphere and the rest of the Internet as well..So i started writing on random thoughts and rambling about things which mattered to me the most... This has been the second most importance milestone I crossed on the InformationSuper Highway..

Today at 24 I sometimes analyze how I started with this wonderful invention and how I am leveraging on it to my own advantage of Gaining and Sharing knowledge.Knowledge is power!Knowledge is divine!