Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A memorable July 4th

Another July 4th has come and gone,and to this day,I have revolved 25 times around the sun. I don't remember celebrating my Birthdays with fan fare except during my earlier child hood days. There was never the usual cake cutting thing either. It used to be just a low affair and mostly as another normal day of my life. Last year after joining the Geo Content Ops team in Hyderabad,we all made it a point to have a bit of fun for over selves.

Giving a surprise Birthday bash to the patron of the day became customary. So Monday was my turn.There was a delicious Dark Forest Chocolate cake being ordered by my friends while I was still at the office. I figured out that it was their intention to fill my face with the cake rather than distributing it among  my friends.

While it was a frolic experience for me when ever I used to watch others being in my shoes till recently,being there to take the full cake in the face is not a bad experience after all. Seldom I used to think of it in the other way around.While this affair was taking place in the last half hour on Monday in the cafeteria, some one was planning another round of Birthday Bumps for me.

I was to leave for my home in the evening itself  due to the impending and un predictable Monsoon bursts but cancelled my travel  in the last moment. Instead I went to visit my best mate Hemanth. While Hemanth no longer works for Google,his constant support and encouragement during his tenure made him one of my most trusted friends. The Birthday bumps he  planned for me was not known because we were planning to go for a late night movie with another friend of his. While he ensured that I got the required number of bashes in back,I still had another cake here to be taken on my face.

It was one of the best Birthdays I ever had and I wish I can have something similar to this every year. Thanks to every friend of mine from GT Hyderabad for making an ordinary day to extra ordinary and Hearty thanks to Hemanth for taking out his time to celebrate my birthday.It also feels kind of  nice to share my Birthday with the United States,something which I think would have been cool had I been there!