Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Li of Pi -- A Visual Spectacle

This would be quite late about the cinematic experience I had with this film,there were many constraints which did not let me to blog for a while.But I have decided that it is time to come back here again and share some stuff so here goes..

In the last week of December, I took an impromptu decision to go and watch Yann Martel's book come to life in the form of "Life of Pi". I had watched the promos for some time on the TV before I took the decision  to go and watch it on the big screen. There were many factors which prompted me to go watch the film.The first one was obviously Ang Lee's direction. Both Crouching tiger and Broke back mountain were sensible films which I saw earlier and my curiosity about the way he would portray the Indian subcontinent prompted me to watch it.

I say this because Slum dog Millionaire's portrayal of the country was typical Hollywood - where stereotypical directors would show India as if it was the land of snake charmers.I pity them! . Ang Lee's adaption was a pleasant surprise for me. Had I read the book earlier, I would really wonder the way in which they would portray  this ancient and chaotic country. But being  Ang lee he truly made justice to the script.
I cannot but appreciate the way he showed how festivals are celebrated  here which reflects the real.One of the best scenes for me was the procession of  lord Vishnu in all his glory inside the temple ghats.. Magnificent way of introducing one of the lead character - Tabu

As the film progressed, I understood that Ang Lee's projection of multicultural India was apt and to the point. I am not sure if any other director who were not from this part of the world would be able show so much diversity and still make the story line which appeals to the international audience. I just loved the way he showed the french Riviera  on one  side and all the three beliefs on the other.But some how all of this converges into a beautiful flow of color,textures,art and fascination

The essence of  Incredible India was visible every where right to the dance classes which introduce one of the main characters, to the french colonies and towns in which the protagonist had grown up. The film has a human touch which is unique to itself.
Coming to the other part of the story,the way in which they projected the sea and sky being mirror images of each other,or the island which would glow during the dark,or the gigantic blue whale which comes down splashing near by pi's boat are just some of the spectacular scenes which are worth watching. There are many more. I watched it twice - something which I do very rarely. 

If you haven't watched the film till now,go watch it while you can - It's worth the money and time to enjoy such a visually appealing film. I hope they take home the oscars for which they were nominated for!!