Thursday, September 13, 2012

An year with Android and what I've learned

Almost a year ago,I delved into the world of Andorid . As time progressed, I tried to do what most people would have done - to install a custom ROM which would undoubtedly run faster and also provide a better experience than the factory version of froyo on my phone. But that was not satisfying my quest-so to learn more about this customized experience ,my brain would say there is a lot more to check out so go on!

At first the thought of rooting my phone and installing it with a custom rom was to get the best of the reigning version .But as time passed and newer versions started rolling from the stables of  Cynogenmod, I would  crave to get it  on my tiny Xperia X10 minipro. I knew that the tech specs of the phone would not satisfy the  requirements of  newer releases of Android,but thanks to people like nAa (No body at all)  and a customised version of Cynogen, things would happen

. And so when GingerBird could not satisfy my quench, I decided to jump  the ICS ship which was a major release and required quite an amount of memory power for itself. nAa's custom kernels once again were a blessing in disguise and helped me to install an ICS version on my X10 mini pro! No wonder a Jelly bean version is in the makes already.All of this has been possible due to all those developers who are sparing their time to  help out people to get the best of the Android experience and to all those people who risk loosing their phones during the testing process but still volunteer for things to move on

ICS Lockscreen

After using a custom ICS rom on my tiny phone,I realized that it was not easy to go along with my daily tasks as the phone was struggling at times to run some apps like Instagram and Youtube. So there was no point in  sticking to something if I could not enjoy the experience that the phone meant for . By then I had got used to flashing and installing firmwares on my particular model so CM7 as it was called was my only option.

No phone should be without Titanium Backup

How ever,I did go through some interesting stuff at the XDA forums - posts explaining how to change the UI and the look of a Gingerbird into ICS or Jellybean. These procedures like the rest were risky and would have resulted in soft bricking my phone and they did!I would just keep my fingers crossed hoping that everything would just go fine... The Android tinkering continues...