Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November - A month to remember

Its been a while since I've been here,partly because I decided to prioritize more time into reading books than sparing the same before the PC.I intend to increase my time on book reading till the year-end,and see if I can control my urge of getting glued to the PC at all  the time  .

While life seems to be running in the same tempo as it was for the past one year,Things are a bit different now since I joined the Geo Content Operations team in Hyderabad. My  3 days off every week  have been  a good excuse to return back home and spend some quality time with my parents,relish my Mother's delicious home-made food and take some time to plan for my future  endeavors.It has been rather awkward at times when I feel I am the only person to be around in my home town with none of  my friends or Siblings around to chat with. And times like these make me to come back to use the PC for longer hours,perhaps this activity gives me some solace in some way when I can forget about my Sister and brother - both of them who are now living in the States.

The week off's from Tuesday to Thursday would also mean I would find lots of time to spend with my mother especially in the kitchen.Cooking has been a favorite pass time of mine - apart from photography.And the free time I get every week is a boon in disguise! I started to learn about the Indian Cuisine  during my 10th grade.My grandmother at that time would encourage me to cook and therefore the ball started to roll ever since.

It has been fun to understand and practice the "know how" behind a cuisine or a particular dish. Last week when I got back home,things were in preparation for the next day's breakfast. It happened to be one of my favorites so I took this opportunity to work along and with my mother. This simple dish is  available anywhere in southern India.

By the end of October ,I was planning to make the most out of Diwali since none of my siblings would be around to celebrate with me.I called up my younger cousins for the occasion and indeed -  the atmosphere was much more frolic and lively with them being around with me,and burning firecrackers in the evening.

Putting up the Diyas around and atop the house

Home sweet home glowing in the light of the oil lamps

It was also the time when I had tinkering with the Idea of celebrating my Mother's Birthday. A reclusive person in nature, she would not allow me to plan for such an activity so this would be a complete surprise to her. Her Birthday also coincided with the last day of Diwali season so it would be a special kind of day for me. I went to a a traditional clothing store for the first time to buy  the first Sari  for my mother.

The birthday evening was just a closed family event with only 3 of our extended families at the occasion.It has been a memorable month since then,and I hope I can make use of the free time I get every week to the fullest and thus have timeless footprints imbibed in my memory for years to come.