Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing my friends!

Its been two weeks since i was out of my native place.I sort of got adjusted to the new environment and new people with different mindsets,But i still cherish my college days where i could mingle with loads of  people.I have always been a fan of orkut and facebook,not only are they helping me to keep in touch with my family and friends but they also help me to share pictures,videos and scraps.


I am not able to have a constant touch with anyof them,but ocassionally ,I do get to know about their status and what they are up to through orkut.Our college community is buzzing with loads of posts after we left it 2 months ago.Thanks to the rise of social networking i feel like being next to my friends when i get scraps or pictures from them.When some of us went to pakal a beautiful tourist spot near to our college for a change,we were able to share with other people who are not familiar with the native place of mine,or are curious to know about some wonderful places here


.Orkut is helping me in many ways though-I can now share blogs  and join communities which i am fond of like the SuSE and some bollywood film communities.Its a nice place to share our thoughts and exchange our views!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Interning at Ogilvy and Mather India

Being a part of India's IT industry is a dream for any budding tech graduate as me.I  wanted to get an experience of the tech world as it was,and take up and work on some core areas in which i was interested a lot.Though i could not make it to any of the companies due to some unavoidable circumstances,I got an exciting opportunity to work for Ogilvy and mather,one the most respected PR  firms we have known

.Life at Ogilvy is both fun and exciting.The  Ogilvy and Lenovo hub at bagamane tech park in Bangalore provided the  experiences which i have dreamed of .

This internship program not only provided me the exposure required to be a part of a large organization,but also improve my socializing  mechanisms with other people from various backgrounds.

The creative stuff made at ogilvy is truly amazing and of high quality.

I feel lucky to be part of such a team which not only creates but also provides new and interesting concepts for ads regarding lenovo and IBM.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things which have influenced me

Il be sharing a few things which have made a huge influence on me in one way or the other

READING BOOKS -The harrpotter mania

In the beginning when the potter phenomenon was being discussed online and on televison,i had no clue that why would people love to read a story  about an orphaned boy which also includes wizards and spells.

I still did not have the habit of reading books, Later during my 10th grade  I was introduced the word of harrpotter by my grandmother.She brought those books hoping that i would inculcate good habits  like reading, and shun other activities like playing computer games which were not so constructive according to her.

It took a week or two before I could understand the plot of the first book,two or three times a week I used to read the complete book not knowing the flow of the story.But after I had gone through the 3rd book The prisoner of azkaban,My interest of reading the series increased exponentially,i mention this coz from that day till I completed reading the final installment  it was some sort of a chore  for me to go through the book perhaps countless number of times.

Even today 7  years after I started reading the series,I still read them with the same enthusiasm and excitement as I had on the first day.The magic cannot be explained by pen, but it is something that a pottermaniac like me and others all over the world  enjoy and cherish

Not only it has been an impetus in my book reading habit,but also gave me a few morals regrading life and decisions we take in it.

J.K rownling's life before the publishing of the potter series moved me,when I got to know about the way in which she crossed several major obstacles regarding her personal life and the life that she adored from her childhood(writing books).

Thanks to J.K rowling and my granny,I have become a bookworm eversince,and some of my best friends happen to be books!