Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spy kids 4D and Aroma scope

It was a  pressurized sort of Sunday  for  me in this week. After banging my head for 2 hours in an exam hall, I came outside waiting for the bus to take me back to my place. The headache was unbearable for me and there was no way I could spend the rest of the evening  in the confines of my place.I  just wanted a pretext to escape of being alone with the pressure in my mind. The only way to detoxify my mental state was to go out for a film. I immediately  called up my brother Aditya and headed for Prasad's IMAX.

Being  Sunday there were not much choice left for us since it was an impromptu decision of mine. The only available show at that time turned out to be Spy Kids. I was told that this iteration of the film had come with an extra  feature called  Aroma scope, something which I never came across before.

I did not understand the true nature of a "4D" film until I came and settled down inside the theater. While at the entrance of the cinema, we were given a certain card with numbers ranging from 1 to 8. We were advised to rub the numbered card when ever a new number would appear on the screen. It was then that I understood what this 4D hype was all about. The film makers claim that when a certain number is rubbed in accordance to a particular scene,the users can actually smell  and feel it in a lively fashion. This according to them was the "4th dimension" .

The so called Aromatic experience

Watching the movie in 3D was a good experience for me,since I've grown up with watching  spy kids since early 2001. But the only thing which did not convince me was the  much touted aroma scope. Although it seems a bit new in nature,it looks like to film makers got carried away while promoting it as well. Would they ever say why there was scene where the baby poos and it was suggested we run and sniff across the number during the very same time? It seems the makers wanted to make some humorous instances by trying to involve the Audience with the Aroma Scope as a medium.  I could  feel a light breeze of candy smell coming out the AC unit, must have been done to increase the overall effect!. While the movie was good,the 4D thing really pissed me off,all I can think of is of the  famous saying, All fart and no Sh** . Pun intended.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging from android

Three years ago,I figured out the underlining charishma which a blog would have.Ive tried to learn a lot from then on and have in the process gained more and more knowledge of the blogger ecosystem. Time and again,ive incorporated many elements into the site which would reflect my abilties and interests.

[caption id="attachment_1123" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Dashboard on mobile"][/caption]

While most of them were well known feature sets,i have now decided to take my rambling to the next level.This would be again a learning process but definatly a worthy one in the long term to try and implement.Android is a part of my adapted technologies and I wish to leverage on it to the fullest. This has not been a impromptu decision.I installed the wordpress app on my mobile more than 2 weeks ago.It was curiosity which made me to do this.

As I write this post on my mobile,memories come flooding back when I started to blog because of a good soul who encouraged me ,and made me to realise my potential in the blogosphere.