Saturday, August 16, 2014

My first week in America - There is still a long way to gooo

The decision to go back to school after a gap of 5 years was not easy. And having faced a lot of hurdles, I finally got my visa and landed in the US about 10 days ago. After travelling for 31 hours, which was equally divided between day and night, I felt as if I was a dream once the plane landed in Dallas . First impression? No people on the roads! Like Seriously? Where the people? There are mostly cars everywhere! Once in the apartment in commerce, I noticed that it was 7.30 in the evening, but, why was the sun still rise and shine? Well, this was another world so it was just the beginning.

Yea 8.30 in the "night" 

So I just dozed of that day, the Jet lag had overpowered me. I slept for  36 hours while getting up in between for an hour or two . By the time I got adjusted to the new time zone, it was Friday . There was an  air of TGIF!! around me. So it was a  weekend well spent with the seniors watching Prison break for 8 hours straight! That happened for two days lol. So what was the next thing to do? Explore the places around me? Nada  -  Texas is damn hot. 

It was my belief that, the heat here  would be peanuts  when compared to the tropical temperatures of India. Yes, I am used to 46C of heat, have walked around during those soaring temperatures. But what I didn't know was that, Texas has a kind of dry heat. When I landed in Dallas at 2 in the afternoon, I was happy that the temperature was around 34C, but surprise surprise the heat was almost unbearable. The AC in the car seemed to be of no use at all. <sigh>

Wish people in India were allowed to show their patriotism like this 

People here love to eat meat,which means that I have limited options for food. Best thing for me to do was to get the groceries from Dallas and start preparing my own food. It wouldn't happen so well all the time, but hey, everyday is a learning process. Mum trained me a bit during the last 20 days of my stay. And yea I did make some curries and chapatis successfully. It would probably take a while for me to prepare everything perfectly but I do have the time now so that should be fine. For making any kind of curry,the funda remains the same.This ten day free period would also be the perfect time to hone my culinary skills

Made something 

I've been going to the college everyday, to know about the place. Everything is sinking in slowly, but it will still take some time for me to get used to things here. Commerce is also the home of the Lions. I don't play Rugby, but really look forward to watching a sporting event here. Sports and I don't go well, but who knows anything might happen once the classes begin!