Tuesday, March 1, 2011

After all,what are friends for ?

Seven months ago when I joined the Geo Content Ops in Hyderabad, I never imagined that friendship would be invaluable even in  our professional life.We see and read about the value and importance of friendship,At times  I've experienced  a  kind of emotional bonding which is in friendship,can't express it in words but I am sure we all have gone through it at some or other point in our life. While we generally have loads of friends from our elementary and high school days, As time progresses I've noticed very few of them have the zeal to stay in touch,hopefully Facebook and Orkut are changing all that.

I wish to share some   instances here, may be because my Karma was  good during that time.

It was during  the  first day in my  Bachelors and I was at the office paying my tuition fees, I saw a lanky person beside  me,he was a bit shy and was probably looking around to find the right class,I told his elder brother who had come along with him that as we both were from the same section, I will tag him along with me.Not a day has passed since that time when I always thought how lucky I was to get such a good friend in the form of Rajkumar.I say this because his acquaintance on the first day was  a blessing in disguise. My last 2 years at the  high school  were a mess and I never thought I could be back on the track in my academics.Luckily my friendship with Rajkumar changed all that!. The 4 years I studied with him,    I  became more Industrious.No one would believe that I had so much variance in my GPA between my high school and bachelors.Coming from a humble background he  proved that Diligence and Zeal  for education would take any person to great echelons.

Fast forward, I was finishing my bachelors and was wondering what to do next.Since recession was in full swing.And then I got an opportunity which some of my friends  were really envious of ;) To Intern the Global Marketing Hub of Ogilvy and Lenovo.I was second time lucky since a senior member of the forum gladly accepted my request and helped me to obtain that Internship.That was the first step of my professional life and also a very good learning opportunity.That some one would help me without even knowing me in person was truly another blessing.The short stint at Ogilvy made me more bold in nature. My parents were amused to see me change as a person from then on.

While I got into a regular full-time Job at Geo Content Ops,Life was seeming to settle down,but as it turned out I realised it is not  a bed of roses.I was in a  tight spot and was emotionally depressed for a month.It is here that I found not one but many  souls who have being helping me and mentoring me a lot.Their timely  and swift response towards me is something which I really appreciate.Fourth time lucky I must say since I found another good soul,Hemanth.He along with some  extra ordinary people have been my guides to achieve the required target. It feels disturbing to my mind when I think of leaving the place with so many admirable persons around me if I had to.

Thank you Rajkumar for being my first time lucky friend, had I not met you after screwing two years of my life, goodness knows where I would have been today!. Thank you Mark for providing the Internship opportunity at Ogilvy-Lenovo,that short stint has changed me as a person and made me to realise that I have some really good  potential .  And finally thank you Hemanth,Gaddemedi,Madhuri and Jonnada from Geo Content Ops, you guys exceptional!

One should never totally believe in Karma,but if things were to go in the wrong way for you,believe in your self.Some events in my life were not pre planned but then almighty must have made sure that I get to experience these points.In the end your self belief will help you get along things in life, and having good friends is  like a gift from  Almighty im my opinion. As the saying goes

"When true friends meet in adverse hour;
'Tis like a sunbeam through a
A watery way an instant seen,
The darkly closing clouds between"