Friday, April 29, 2011


It was a trip down memory lane for me while I was at my school  on Thursday  in this week. I had planned that visit to wade through the hundreds of photographs ever taken by my school management throughout its existence  dating back to 1979.Last week, on good Friday,I along with my old time friend Santosh, visited our principal at her residence.It was during this time that I requested her to give me access to this huge photo collection.My idea was to make a collage out of them taking out selective photographs of all the people with whom I had a relationship as a schoolmate.

I went to the school around 11.00 A.M in the morning.The scorching sun was not going to deter me to sit patiently through all those photos!.After a bit of searching,We were able to ferret out the photos which were stacked in a locked cupboard in the Library room.It was not an easy task for me to wade through all the voluminous collection while taking a beat from the hot sun. I sat down by ideating a strategy where I could select the pictures which would reflect my growth as a student right from my kinder garden days.While most of them were available, I stayed back for some extra time to get my sister's and my senior's pictures who also studied till one point of time in the same school as I.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Class 10"][/caption]

It was almost 1.30 in the afternoon when I was half the way.The best thing to sort out the pictures I thought were to bring them home and select them.By the time it was finished I was able to narrow down to 77 photographs on the whole from the huge collection. There might have been more,but then no one would accept them for scanning considering the huge maintainance   of HP scanners. I wish I could get more of them for scanning. The new school building was also the place where I pursued my last two years of school grade 9 and grade 10. The first thing when I went there was to go into the class which we left to enter college.

Thank you Madhu Miss for accepting my request to access such a timeless treasure! Good old days flashed through my mind in  this short span while I spent with this gave me a sojourn from the day-to-day chaos which we constantly face.