Monday, August 31, 2009

A pleasant Surprise!

The thing i have been waiting for from the past 3 months has finally happened.It rained!!(no big deal)but it was a deluge.

DSC01671Not that i am complaining about it but its supposed to be the monson season now and it has been a disaster this year.There are almost drought conditions prevailing in my area and boy! this was totally unexpected .

DSC01654It was for a while that i could fully realise what was happening because i was sceptical it would fizzle out.On the contrary it went from strength to strength and the rain came down in torrents with  strong winds whipping up leaves and spraying water allaround.The next thing i did was to rush inside and grab my camera and started clicking away like mad.I didnt know why i did that may be because i wanted this to happen for many days now?

DSC01645It was only a matter of time before my dog began to jump about in the water...may be it was relishing the moment too..i had to run behind it and persuade it to ocme back in the house....but not before being drenched.