Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to fedora once again

After tinkering for a long time with windows vista to check out its much touted security features,I switched back to Fedora-11  today which happens to be the latest avatar of the distro.Installation was fast and snappy.There are many things which i found common with both linux and vista like the UAC prompt and ASLR implementation at lower levels.Not that i hate it,but i was done with the memory hogging OS for quite some time.I never experienced a BSOD before,but when i got one due to a faulty ACPI driver which followed the death of my HDD i thought that it was enough.


It took some time to figure out on how to use proprietary software codecs and get all kinds of formats to work but finally i had done it.I have also been tinkering with the Bash command prompt which  i am very found out in linux based systems .

Some exciting artwork discussions is going on the fedora ambassador's mailing  list including more effective ways of marketing the product.Due to the various DOS attacks taking place over the internet i assumed it was best for me to switch back to the very secure linux system

With the independence day coming up i feel the launch of fedora 11 has truly lived up to its tag line Freedom +Infinty=fedora

JAy ho!Mera Bharat mahan!