Monday, February 8, 2010

ZOO ZOO's taking India by storm

A new marketing strategy from vodaphone India during the earlier IPL was making headlines.This year they are back again!More frolic and funny as they look,the cute characters which represent the Vodaphone brand are back with a bang!.What makes them so special when compared to other Ads and endorsements is that most most of the telecom providers are being showcased by leading Bollywood stars including the Federal Govt's BSNL.

Vodaphone was a new entry in India after taking up Hutchison essar.Although being the world's largest telecom company - entering un-known waters was a huge risk.

With the first version of IPL around the corner vodaphone used it as a platform to launch the Zoo Zoo campaign.They were an instant hit and still have a huge fan following in orkut and Facebook.The captivating performances of the zoo zoo creatures brought fun and humour.
When its other competitors were busy roping in Bolywood superstars,Vodaphone approached ogilvy and mather and asked them to design a campign which would be a strong image of the company in the future.Thus were born the zoo zoo charecters.Designed at O&M bangalore and filmed by Nirvana films in southafrica,the zoo zoo's this time bring in new snippets of a regular Indian's life with a humorous touch.

The recent launch of the vodaphone widget for desktops is an icing on the cake for zoo zoo fans!As shown below one of the creature creeps through the system clock and stands on the superbar.

Looking for more fun filled Ads from the cute zoo zoo's !